Today, ransomware is the first vector of contamination. It is a new cyber threat in full expansion.
These malwares that demand a ransom in exchange for your data contaminate thousands of computers every day.
Faced with this threats , it has become essential to raise awareness among employees to limit the exposure of your organization to new cyber risks.

This e-learning module “Ransomware awareness” allows you to acquire in less than 5 minutes the right reflexes to protect yourself.


  • Understand how Ransomware works
  • Protect yourself from a Ransomware attack
  • Implement the right reflexes in case of contamination

Target audience

Any person within an organization (company, association, interest group…) connected to the network and receiving e-mails.


The training is designed to be accessible to all, without any prior knowledge in the technical field.


One 5 minutes module.

Training material

  • Videos: trainer + animations, diagrams, key points in motion design


  • Ransomware or Ransomware.
  • Focus on cases WannaCry and Not Petya.
  • How to protect yourself from a Ransomware attack?