BlueSecure is a cybersecurity firm specializing in dealing with human breaches. We offer a set of services outside the platform to respond to this problem.

Security audit

We perform security audits of their information systems for our clients.

Mandated by the public certification body LNE, we perform information systems security certification audits on ISO27001, ISO 27017, ISO 27018, HDS – Hosting of health data and ISO 27701 Personal data protection / GDPR.

IT security

We support our clients in the implementation of a global cyber risk prevention policy. By supporting them in securing all the elements of their IS: Systems and networks, applications, websites.

We also perform risk analyzes and advise companies in their strategy and implementation of a backup policy, Business Continuity Plan and Business Resumption Plan.

Awareness support

We support our clients in defining and managing their overall phishing awareness program and other social engineering techniques (president scam, phone scam, etc.). By being a source of proposals on the actions to be implemented, such as the realization of monthly campaigns targeted by profession, the organization of security challenges, serious games, the design and dissemination of communications and online or face-to-face training.

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